How Menus Affect the Health Conscious Consumer

More restaurants are adopting their menus to focus on a healthier lifestyle. However, for a consumer on a diet or the many wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle, not every restaurant has healthy food options. Often dining out at a restaurant is seems like a dangerous move by a dieter. Restaurant menus can be deceiving and consumers dining decisions are made largely by the layout of the menu and descriptions used. To a consumer, descriptive words such as creamy or zesty are often seen as a code word for fattening.

So where is that perfect balance of providing a menu that clearly describes a dish, while not having the consumer think it is full of calories? Restaurants are also taking advantage of the health trend by inserting an abundance of terms  like "fresh" to their menu. With a menu that appears healthier, this entices the health conscious consumer to come in and order something. Read More