Miami Brewers Promote the Craft Beer Trend

Wynwood Brewery  | Foodable WebTV Network

Wynwood Brewery | Foodable WebTV Network

More and more restaurant bar programs are adding local craft beers to their menus. Now consumers are expecting some local options and because of that craft beer production has gone up 9.6%, while overall beer production has actually gone down by 1.4%. 

The craft beer trend is spreading in Miami and the Miami Brewers Alliance aims to education not only consumers but also venders and the local government about the emerging trend. There are currently only three breweries in Miami, including Wynwood Brewery and soon three more to open in the next few months. The alliance will be collaborating with other organizations, such as FIU and Miami Culinary Institute to help support local breweries. The alliance also plans to throw several festivals to promote these local brews. Read More