New App Allows Restaurants to Respond to Online Reviews Quickly

A majority of today's consumer has started to rely on restaurant review sites before making their decision about dining at a restaurant. As the technology lovin' millennial myself, I have actually not gone to a restaurant because of a bad review or two I saw on yelp. These review apps give your customers a chance to share the good and often the bad of their dining experience. Restaurants can't please every customer and negative reviews are bound to happen.

However, the new app SayBack has recently launched which allows a business to see a review that has just been posted. The app is aimed for restaurant and cafe owners and it will be sending a text to the app user when a review is posted from popular websites such as, Trip Advisor, Yelp and Google+. The best way to handle a negative review is often responding politely to the unhappy guest and apologizing for their unsatisfying experience and doing this quickly for potential diners to see.

SayBack also offers an online brand management service which is where they will respond right away to the negative reviews for you. This removes the emotional component for the owners and it ensures the responses are always professional. Seeing a counter response from a restaurant that is defensive is not going to appeal to a new potential diner and it could turn them away. Read More