2015 Predictions: Top 10 Culinary Trends

With the restaurant business accounting as a 700 billion dollar industry, brands are often trying to predict the future of consumer behavior. What will be the food trends that will be affecting menus and bar programs in 2015? Sterling-Rice Group has released their predictions for the top 10 culinary trends in 2015.

The no. 1 culinary trend prediction is regional grains, which is really no surprise considering the local sourcing and farm to table movement has influenced almost all restaurant segments this year.

Another trend prediction is hop-free beer. Craft beer production growth grew significantly in 2014, so new craft beer techniques are certainly going to be experimented with in 2015. Coconut sugar is predicted to gain more traction in the market because it is more sustainable and perceived as healthier. And more restaurant incubators are forecasted to develop and expand through out the nation.

Read more about what the other potential culinary trends will be. What are your 2015 predictions for the restaurant industry?