Has Denny's Made A Come Back?

The Den, Denny's fast casual concept in West Hollywood, CA  | YELP

The Den, Denny's fast casual concept in West Hollywood, CA | YELP

Brand fatigue is bound to happen to long standing restaurant chains, especially if the restaurant has been pretty much the same for the last 20 years. To prevent that from happening, brands need to keep consumers still interested. And it is not easy to find that balance of remaining consistent and spicing things up. Denny's seems to have figured it out. The casual dining success, Denny's is on track to make its best annual same-store sales increase in the last 8 years. 

So what has Denny's done to stay on trend? You may have noticed that some of the Denny's stores look a bit different due to their rebranding campaign. Within the next four years, 70% of the chain's restaurants will be updated. Denny's has also catered to influx of health-conscious consumers with a simpler menu with healthier options to pick from.

Besides the menu changes and rebranding, Denny's is one of the many casual dining chains to develop a fast casual version, called The Den. There are seven Den locations and four more on the way. Do you think that this will lead to even more growth? What do you think of other segment moguls expanding into different segments? Read More