Fermentation Trend Spreads to Mogul Brands

NPR recently called fermentation a "hot culinary trend," and this trend has spread to restaurants, grocery stores, and now to brands like Dunkin' Donuts. Food trends will usually trickle down from fine-dining to quick-serve. This seems to be certainly the case with fermented foods.

Jeff Miller, Exec Chef at Dunkin' Donuts, has noticed that there has been much more of a focus on fermentation in culinary education programs, due to the increase of fermented foods on menus across all restaurant segments. Dunkin' Donuts has gotten creative with their donuts. In Korea, DD has served a kimchi doughnut and in Greece, a yogurt-filled doughnut. 

Does this mean we should expect more ingredients like pickles, yogurt, beer, and cider being added on menus as extra flavor in the quick-serve segment? Read More