Craft Beer Trend Spikes Boston Beer's Future Sales

Once upon a time, craft beer was not as readily available at restaurants. However, today restaurants are expanding their bar programs to appeal consumers who can't get enough of their local favorite craft brew. 

Boston is known for it's beer and this recent trend has shifted consumers from ordering beers from giants, such as Anheuser-Busch, to ordering beers from small brewing companies.

Some interesting stats from a recent study– 

  • Craft beer production has gone up 9.6%, while overall beer production has actually gone down by 1.4%.
  • According to Nielson, 59% of craft beer drinkers have annual incomes of at least $75,000. 
  • Boston's Beer's stock value went down by 4.43% in a year. 
  • The U.S. craft beer category comprises of almost 3,000 brewers.

Even though beer sales as a total and the stock value of Boston's beer has dropped, the future of the Boston brew scene seems bright. Large mogul beer brands are going to be revamping and offering more craft beer selections and the sales from the local Boston craft breweries are also going to increase. Read More