McDonald's Revamps Image and Restaurant Tech

New Design of a San Diego McDonald's  | YELP, Sabrina M.

New Design of a San Diego McDonald's | YELP, Sabrina M.

The rise of fast casual brands has caused some serious damage to sales of quick-serve moguls such as, McDonalds. In August, McDonald's sales dropped 3.7%, the most it has in 10 years. So perhaps this is why McDonald's has decided to revamp their image to a more sleek and modern design and by featuring smarter restaurant technology. 

The design of the McDonald's stores will no longer be the red and yellow design with plastic-looking accents. Instead, that design will be replaced with materials like wood and stone. As for restaurant technology– the quick-serve chain plans to mimic casual dining chains, such as Chilis, by testing tablet-based ordering in some of their South California stores. 

Do you think that a revamp in store design and restaurant technology is what McDonald's needs to win back customers, primarily millennials? Or just is it that consumers have had enough of the Big Mac? Read More