Renowned Thai Restaurant Chain Owner Expands To US Starting in DC

Dish from Mango Tree in Surawong Bangkok  | 

Dish from Mango Tree in Surawong Bangkok | 

Mango Tree chain owner, Potaya Phanphensophon, has decided to open the first chain in the US at the CityCenterDC. Even though his chains are wildly successful in Bangkok, he will be partnering with seasoned DC restaurateur, Richard Sandoval.

Phanphensophon sees this as the right time to migrate over to the US because consumers are moving away from quick-serve options and are gravitating to better quality options. So why did the restaurateur decide to bring his Thai cuisine to DC first, before all the other US cities? Because New York's real estate is too expensive for the chain at this time and Boston's demographic of college students would not be the best market to test his chains in the US. Read More