New Orleans Restaurants that Have Developed into Local Chains

Alligator Sausage at Dat Dog  | YELP, Marielle S. 

Alligator Sausage at Dat Dog | YELP, Marielle S. 

When a restaurant has experienced steady success, as  restaurant operator it is time to consider "what is next?" Should the restaurant relocate into a larger store? Should a second location be opened? Or if it ain't broke, don't fix it?

Like the exciting atmosphere, the dining scene in New Orleans is always changing. And several successful New Orleans restaurants are seeking to expand their business by developing local chains including-

Juan's Flying Burrito- this restaurant serves up a unique take on Mexican cuisine. Starting the first location in 2002, the burrito success has lead to two other local store openings since then. 

Dat Dog- this restaurant has now three local New Orleans stores and each of them are hard to miss, with their colorful store fronts. The bright design is not the only thing that allures customers in- this hot dog joint gets creative with their menu by offering items like duck and alligator sausage. 

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