Will Pizza Hut be the Brand that Makes the Fast Casual Pizzeria We are Waiting For?

Pizza is supposedly the next fast casual market and the restaurant industry can't stop talking about who may be the "next chipotle of pizza." It very well may be Chipotle with their Pizzeria Locale. But who else is out there?

The sales of the industry giant Pizza Hut declined 2% last year. So is it time for Pizza Hut to invest in a fast casual concept? Could Pizza Hut be the mastermind behind the first major Fast Casual Pizzeria success?

It seems like a logical step since the Pizza Hut has the financial means and industry knowledge to create or invest in a create-your-own pizza concept. What if the expansion of fast casual becomes so broad that its takes over the industry as our fast food option? It certainly makes sense for quick-serve brands to develop a business plan in another segment. Read More