From Humble Beginnings to Culinary Success- Portland's Food Scene

Beef Strip Loin Roast at Beas t | YELP, Leah K.

Beef Strip Loin Roast at Beast | YELP, Leah K.

Portland is only the nation's 35th largest city, but the food scene continues to make national headlines. With the renowned culinary talents of Gabriel Rucker of Le Pigeon and Naomi Pomeroy of Beast (this month's no. 1 on Foodable's Portland Top 25 Restaurants list,) Portland's culinary scene is now known for innovative and creative cuisine. 

Portland wasn't always known for their sophisticated food scene, eight years ago Portland chefs had to inspire consumers to try new things. The local wine industry also helped to put Portland on the map. Read more about how the Portland culinary scene has evolved.