How Seattle's Most Popular Sushi Restaurant Keeps its Solid Reputation

Omakase Sushi at Shiro's  | YELP, Addie C. 

Omakase Sushi at Shiro's | YELP, Addie C. 

Shiro's arguably is one of the best sushi restaurants in Seattle. With almost thousand reviews on yelp, the restaurant continues to please diners after being opened for over 20 years. The local sushi hero, Shiro Kashiba, who opened the restaurant has recently left. Even though, the chef is greatly missed, the restaurant is still experiencing success. 

The new team is led by chef Jun Takai and the restaurant seems to have perfected their sushi- no need to add soy sauce. Besides serving tasty food, the restaurant has improved their customer service with more attentive staff, who will go the extra mile. For example– one night a guest's sleeping infant was watched by the employee at the host stand, while the diners enjoyed their meal. How does your restaurant go the extra mile for your customers? Read More