The Mystery of Paseo: Should the Closing Been Handled Differently?

Line out the door at Paseo  | YELP, Ling S. 

Line out the door at Paseo | YELP, Ling S. 

Almost every Seattle foodie knows Paseo and after very little explanation the Cuban sandwich joint has abruptly closed. With over 3500 Yelp reviews (and was the second highest restaurant in the US on the site,) the restaurant had a cult following and fans are dramatically reacting to the news on social media.

So what happened to the renowned sandwich shop that diners used to wait up to an hour for a sandwich? There has been no word from the restaurant owners. However, news sources are speculating that may have something to do with the a lawsuit filed in September by employees and the owners filed for bankruptcy. Don't you think the restaurant owes customers an explanation? How would you have handled the restaurant closing differently? Read More