The New Fine Dining

Chef at El Ideas prepares dishes in front of diners  | YELP

Chef at El Ideas prepares dishes in front of diners | YELP

Fine dining restaurants across the nation are transforming the fine dining experience and diners are lovin it. It is not that fine dining restaurants are losing their classy image, but rather they are providing a more personal and approachable experience.

An example of a fine dining restaurant altering the fine dining experience is El Ideas in Chicago. This restaurant does not have a fancy location being in the gritty Douglas Park neighborhood. The restaurant is BYOB and music is loud. The kitchen is not hidden in the back, but instead is open and part of the seating area. Guests can speak to the chef directly if they want. But the cuisine is still impeccable with a less stuffy atmosphere. Guests are even encouraged to lick their plates.

So why this fine dining evolution? Well, the millennial generation is interested in a more accessible experience. They want to be more involved. According to a study published in the November issue of Harvard Business Journal, guests have a more enjoyable dining experience if they can actually see the chefs prepare their meal. 

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