Do Mobile Devices Belong at Restaurant Tables?

Today's consumers are glued to their phones. But, do mobile phones belong at restaurant tables? Well, restaurants around the country are trying to discourage cellphone usage at tables. Sneaky's Chicken in Iowa offers a 10% discount if diners put their phone in a special box during their meal. Last year, LA's Bucato announced a policy against phones and photos because the restaurant felt these devices were distracting from the dining experience. However, often consumers don't like these restrictions. Rogue 24 in DC once required diners to sign a two-page reservation contract that included the banning of cell phones. But because of the customer complaints, the contract was discontinued. 

Cellphones do distract diners from the restaurant experience, but they can also enhance it. Consumers love documenting their lives with photos and social posts. They are going to share their experience on social media and restaurant review sites. This is free advertising for the restaurant. So are mobile phones now just part of the consumer's dining experience? How do you feel about banning cellphone usage at restaurants? Read More