Chicago Restaurants With the Longest Wait Lines

Au Cheval Exterior  | YELP

Au Cheval Exterior | YELP

Why do consumers continue to go to restaurants with 3+ hours waits before getting a table? The Chicago restaurant that was the most famous for notoriously long lines was Hot Doug's. But since the restaurant closed about a month ago, what are some of the other Chicago restaurants that have the longest waits? And what procedure is being used to inform guests their tables are ready? 

Au Cheval- the wait can be 3+ hours. They send you a text alerting you that your table is ready. 

Wildfire- the wait can be 1.5+ hours. The diner can choose to give their cell phone to be texted when their table is ready. They also give out pagers. 

Read more about other Chicago restaurants with notoriously long waits. What do you think is the most effective way to alert guests their table is ready? With waits as long as these, most guests are going to find something to do or somewhere to go during that time.