The Mobile Payment Battle Continues: Paypal Lands Burger King

The launch of Apple Pay has ignited a debate about if paying by mobile is the next popular form of payment. There is no time to lose in this mobile payment battle and Apple Pay has mogul brands offering their payment–including Subway, Panera and McDonald's.

PayPal has been around 1998 and has been the most recognizable online payment app. The competition is fierce and PayPal has just announced a partnership with Burger King. Through the Burger King app, users will be able to get rewards and also pay by mobile via PayPal. The initial rollout will be available in early 2015 and in the US only. PayPal has also launched a payment button as a default on the GoDaddy Online Store-an E-commerce backend for GoDaddy customers. The e-commerce business continues to up the ante by now offering a Pay After service, whereas you order your package and then pay up to two weeks after. 

Is the launch of Apple Pay exactly what the industry needs to motivate payment services to go mobile and make payments completed online even faster? Read More