How Two Unlikely Restaurateurs Launched Veritas: A Dallas Vinopub Success

Two lawyers and a wine bar – that is the beginning of Veritas in Dallas. Brothers, Brooks and Bradley Anderson opened Veritas about seven years ago. They were both in the law profession but have since (for the most part) given that up to pursue their love of the food and beverage industry.

From Lawyers to Restaurateurs 

It all started at a very young age with their French grandmother – “we used to go over to her house and she would cook these elaborate meals and give us wine at a young age and we were just kind of into the whole thing,” said Bradley. Both brothers went into the law profession and discovered that they enjoyed talking more about food and wine than they did about law. So, once the 2323 Henderson space became available, Brooks and Bradley spoke to the landlord. However, as you can imagine, people were skeptical of a wine bar being opened by two lawyers who had no real “history” in the industry. As Bradley says, “I think they were probably a little hesitant in signing the lease with us because they probably thought we would open and close”.

But, they signed the lease and it was now time to get Veritas up and running. How did they do it? According to Bradley, “It was a learning on the job type thing”. The brothers knew they did not want to have a wine bar with a full kitchen – everything that goes into running a kitchen, hiring a chef, planning a menu, was just going to be too much. So, they decided that opening just a wine bar would be the easier route. They went out and raised the funds they needed, “I think most of the people that gave us the money thought they would never see it again.” But, with a successful neighborhood wine bar, a French bistro (Boulevardier), and a new restaurant on the way (Rapscallion), Brooks and Bradley have proven to be very successful in the Dallas dining (and drinking) scene.

Anderson brother of Veritas  | Veritas Website

Anderson brother of Veritas | Veritas Website

The Vinopub Venture

Veritas is definitely not like any other wine bar in Dallas. Brooks and Bradley have a different approach to the wine bar scene and that is the secret to their success. They call it their “Award Winning East Dallas Neighborhood Friendly Vinopub Venture.” And that's exactly what Veritas is. As Bradley says, “we are very much pub guys but we are also into wine. So, we wanted to open up a wine bar that had more of a pub feel to it. We wanted it to be a more relaxed approach to wine.”

From the minute you walk into Veritas, you feel right at home. It's as if you are sipping wine at a friends house. Whether you are a wine expert or just a novice who enjoys sipping, you are sure to be comfortable and feel welcome. Jon Alexis (of TJ's Seafood Market & Grill) says it perfectly, “Veritas is everything I love about food culture done right. The staff and the customers love wine, not for label bragging or some sort of foodie lifestyle hashtag cred. It's always full of people for whom food and wine makes them undeniably happy.”

Keeping Customers Interested

Interior setting of the Veritas wine bar  | Veritas

Interior setting of the Veritas wine bar | Veritas

But, it's not just the atmosphere and the vibe that keeps guests coming back. There is always something going on at Veritas – from BBQ's to wine tastings to private dinners, Brooks and Bradley bring celebrated chefs, sommeliers, and pit masters into the “vinopub.” On the third Sunday of every month you will find Jon Alexis at Veritas, “TJ's has had the pleasure of doing chefs dinners, lobster bakes and more and we always have as much fun as the guests.” They smoke ribs, whole hogs, and much more with friend, Chris Rubel. And, every now and then, you can even find Brooks and Bradley on the grill.

So whether you're a wine novice or a true aficionado, you will always feel welcome and right at home at Veritas.