Starbucks Listens to Customers on Social Media and Brings Back the Eggnog Latte

This season, Starbucks had not planned to offer their Eggnog Latte to simplify their menu. However, this was not well received by customers and they made that clear by responding on social media. But, Starbucks listened and now is going to bring back the beverage on Nov. 17.

This is not the first time that the brand has responded quickly to consumer complaints– last spring the brand started selling miniature loaves of their lemon and pumpkin bread but quickly switched back to the slices after an uproar from their customers. The way that Starbucks responds to their customers and engages with them via social media– has contributed to the success of the brand. By really listening to the complaints, the brand validated their customers and created a strong loyal consumer relationship.

Even though it is not a controlled environment, social media is a powerful tool to interactive with consumers and gage their behavior. It is a space where consumers feel comfortable to share their opinions- which can be a double-edged sword for brands. Read More