Culinary Trend: Pho in Seattle

Pho Bo from Pho Bac  | YELP, Lauren D. 

Pho Bo from Pho Bac | YELP, Lauren D. 

There are 45 restaurants in Seattle with pho in their restaurant name. So this Vietnamese soup is readily available for the local soup lovin' customer. Washington has the third largest Vietnamese population in the country- so the culture has certainly influenced the culinary scene.

The first pho restaurant, Pho Bac opened in 1982. Today, the restaurant has expanded into four different locations. Another pho serving success is Pho Cycle, which opened back in 2001. On average the five Pho Cycle restaurants sell 700 bowls a day. Will this pho-nomenon continue to spread? What about at non-Vietnamese restaurants? Read More