The Leadership Cookbook: Five Core Truths of Hiring

Hiring consistently hits the “top five responsibilities” list for managers. Regardless of restaurant segment, quick service to fine dining, this responsibility rings true. And, what I hear most often is, “it’s really hard to find great people out there.”    

Our industry turn over rate is consistently 25 – 30% higher than others; and our turn over per annum averages somewhere between 67 – 100% according to statistics from the National Restaurant Association.  Hiring ineffectively is expensive. Forbes Magazine author David K. Williams estimates a single “bad” hire costs $ 25,000 - $ 50,000. A miss on a manager costs at least six (6) times their monthly salary.

That being said, having success finding great people is critical. And with quality employees, this creates a great guest experience! Instead of hiring mis-fits, let’s explore how to get a great fit!

Let’s explore The 5 Core Truths of Hiring! Each “truth” stands on its own, and all integrate to support an experience that takes your interview and selection process to greater success.

We have hundreds of cases (we’ll explore one in this chapter) where turnover shifts from 100%+ per annum to less than 25%. That is equal to 70 – 80% team member retention. Bonus: Staff retention translates directly to reduced overhead, happier guests and exponential increases in top line sales.