White Castle Offer Veggie Sliders

At 400 of the White Castle locations, spread across 12 states– the brand will be offering a burger for vegetarians. However, for those on a health kick, this is not exactly a healthy option. With three different sauces– honey mustard, ranch, and sweet Thai, the burger is between 150-270 calories. It can actually have more calories their regular beef sliders. The veggie burger was well received when it was tested in New York and New Jersey last summer, so it is time for it to be available at more stores.

White Castle is just one of the many restaurants catering to vegetarian customers. There is a change.org petition with 107,00 supporters for McDonald's to offer a veggie burger. This just proves that there is the market for this demographic. This is spreading in all restaurant segments, especially in fine dining. So when will more brands follow suit and appeal to this consumers? Read More