Reserve, the Reservation App Launches in SF

Which app will be the "Uber" of the restaurant industry? It very may well be the reservation app Reserve, which is being backed by the startup agency by Uber co-founder Garret Camp. The app has also spread to NYC, LA, and Boston. 

So what are the features of this app? The user enters the number in their party and the time and Reserve will give them a list available restaurant reservations in their city. Users can also create a profile with a photo within the app- so the restaurants recognize the diner when they arrive. As for payment- the app stores the user's credit card info and tipping preferences and it will automatically pay the check at the end of the meal. It charges the user a $5 flat fee. 

At no cost to the restaurant, 19 San Francisco restaurants– including flour + water have partnered with the app. The app also protects restaurants from no shows. If the user cancels within two hours of their reservation, they are charged $10. If they completely flake, they get charged $25 per person on the reservation. Do you think this is the app that will conquer the restaurant industry? Read More