How Consumers are Influencing Restaurant Design & Menus

Modern-day media and technology, with its transparent nature – think reality TV and social media channels – has re-shifted the way we do business. And the foodservice industry is certainly no exception. It's almost impossible to flip through television channels and not find at least one food reality show or competition being aired at any given time. This has turned amateurs into foodies with behind-the-scenes knowledge of ingredients, dishes, and chefs. Social chefs have also bridged the gap for consumers, making guests more sophisticated when it comes to food knowledge.

Restaurants have been leaning in to this sophistication, as well, making menus more chef-driven, expanding out of just the fine dining sector. Heck, it’s part of the reason fast casual is so successful. said it best: “At some point in recent years, restaurant trends started being driven by consumers rather than big city food critics.” But these consumer-driven trends aren’t just food-based; it also expands into things like design elements. Open kitchens, for example, have become a huge success factor for restaurants, which obviously connects full-circle to this need for transparency between a brand and a consumer. Read More


Click the photo below to view the full Rock My Restaurant episode, as our co-hosts and restaurant consultants William Bender and Eric Norman discuss how to rock an open kitchen design.