When One Slaughterhouse Closes, a Window of Opportunity Opens

Photo Credit:  Daniel Acker / Bloomberg

Photo Credit: Daniel Acker / Bloomberg

For Northern California ranchers, a recent shutdown of a local slaughterhouse could actually have been a blessing in disguise. When Rancho Feeding Co., based in Petaluma, closed down last week for recalling 9 million pounds of beef because the product came from “diseased and unsound” animals, local ranchers feared they would now have to drive hours in order to get what they need.

However, it has recently been announced that Marin Sun Farms, which is known for its grass-fed beef, will be buying the slaughterhouse and turning it around for the better. Not only will Marin Sun Farms provide the cattle with better care to produce better quality, but owner Marin Sun Farms owner David Evans promises to provide everything from slaughter to sales, meaning cattle ranchers will no longer have to go through many steps to get their product salable. Read More