From Technology to Design and Function, Upgraded Stoves are Heating Up

Photo Credit: Thermador//WSJ

Photo Credit: Thermador//WSJ

Whether you’re an aspiring restaurateur, chef or other industry professional, or are already in the biz, your home kitchen — whether you actually have time to cook in it or not — is an important focal point. 

Recently, in our Chicago blog, we highlighted a peek inside Alinea co-owner Nick Kokonas’s amazing home kitchen, which features all restaurant-quality appliances. But if you know a thing or two about equipment, you’re probably already aware that Kokonas isn’t the only one pulling out all the stops. 

Stoves specifically are a hot item (no pun intended) on the market. As some say, size matters: According to kitchen designer Matthew Quinn, “A big 48- or 60-inch range is the Hummer of the kitchen.”

Some ranges even include high-tech features, like wireless temperature monitoring. Read More