Going Fork to Fork: Introducing Foodable's First Annual Foodie Fight

Much to the dismay of Journalism grads across America, anyone can be a blogger these days. And with more foodies flooding the scene, the Internet has become a silver platter for food blogs — some admirable, some amateur. Whether focused around savory or sweet, recipes or restaurant reviews, food trends or food tours, there’s really something for everyone to consume on both large and small scales. But in the end, it’s all about which food blogs fill you up, yet leave you wanting more. Craveable content, if you will.

To separate — and celebrate — the good from the great, the Foodable Team is embarking on what will be our first annual Foodie Fight. And what better time to battle it out — region to region, blogger to blogger, fork to fork — than with a traditional March Madness inspired bracket? Moving forward, we will feature two throw-downs each week, narrowing down some of our favorite U.S. food bloggers in order to, in the end, crown a Foodie Fight 2014 winner. As always, we’d love for you to join the conversation on Twitter, and you can do so by using #foodiefight2014.

[But First...]

How Did We Choose the Selected Food Blogs?

The Foodable editorial & social teams started out with a hand-picked list of 103 food bloggers from all across the country. We then organized the list by regions by literally splitting the map into quarters, and narrowed it down to four food blogs in each region: northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest. During the reviewing process, we took a lot into consideration, including overall design, photography, recent updates, and credibility. The blogs had to be somewhat personal sites where the author is known and writes most of their own stuff, and the blogs had to include a good amount of restaurant reviews. (If you’re familiar with Foodable, you probably already know that we don’t publish recipes, with a few minor exceptions.)

Methodology: How Will Food Blogs Be Scored?

During the Foodie Fight competition, there are three parts we will consider when reviewing the selected food blogs: (1) the blog’s social sentiment and (2) engagement from readers/followers both of which will be pulled from our proprietary Restaurant Social Media Index (see how it works here) — as well as (3) our first-ever non-data component: an editorial review from the Foodable Team to rate quality of content and design. Data that’s pulled from the RSMI — again, social sentiment and engagement — will be based on numbers from the full week prior.

Want to be included in next year’s Foodie Fight or know someone who should be in the running? Tweet us and let us know @foodable!

And now, for the Foodie Fight 2014 contenders...

Northwest:                 Northeast:                  Southwest:                 Southeast:
Daily Blender              Restaurant Girl           Amateur Gourmet       Adventures of the Foodaholic
Tablehopper              Ozersky.TV                   Now I'm Hungry           Eat It, Atlanta
Get Sconed!               Food. Curated.              Mattatouille                Burger Beast
Food Gal                    The Ghost Guest           EJ Eats                         Food for Thought

Foodable WebTV Network

Foodable WebTV Network

Let the gorging begin!