Foodie Fight Round Five: West Coast Food Bloggers

If you’ve been following along with Foodie Fight, you probably already know that our first tier — the four regional rounds — are complete, and we’re down to eight food bloggers standing. 

Foodable WebTV Network

Foodable WebTV Network

Just to Recap:

Holding down the Southwest are Adam Roberts with Amateur Gourmet and Matthew K. with Mattatouille. Both are based in L.A.

In the Northwest region, we have Jennifer Heigl of Daily Blender, who’s reppin’ PDX and Carolyn Jung with Food Gal, hailing from San Francisco.

Josh Ozersky of Ozersky.TV and Liza de Guia with Food. Curated. made the Northeast cut, and are both based out of New York.

And last, but certainly not least, coming into the ring from Miami and Atlanta, respectively, are Sef Gonzalez (a.k.a. Burger Beast) and Jimmy Sobeck of Eat It, Atlanta

It’s important to note that in ranking these food bloggers  — March Madness style — those who make it to the next round(s) aren’t hand-selected. Our proprietary Restaurant Social Media Index pulls organic data across 17 different social platforms to accurately track social sentiment score and social engagement score. In other words, to put it lightly: YOU, as a consumer on social media, are the ones responsible for how they fare — that is, if you are mentioning, engaging with, or talking about any of them/their blogs on social. (Check out how the RSMI works here for more info.)

Tier No. 2: West Coast

For the remainder of #FoodieFight2014, we’re taking it back — ’90s style — with  a proper East Coast/West Coast battle. But to narrow it down, we’re going coast to coast for ROUND 5 and pitting all of our west coast food bloggers on each other. NO ONE IS SAFE. 

We refreshed the numbers, pulling data from this past week, but kept the Editorial Scores the same. So going back and checking individual scores will not help you to figure out who the winner will be (we don’t even know who it will be yet). And this time, we’re going in on the visuals because #foodporn.

Alright, west coast, let’s see what you’ve got…

West Side: The Lineup (in alphabetical order)


Adam Roberts  | Photo Credit: Twitter// @amateurgourmet

Adam Roberts | Photo Credit: Twitter//@amateurgourmet


Crunching the Numbers

Round 5 Engagement Score (out of 10): 7.12
Round 5 Social Sentiment Score: 8.76
Average Editorial Score: 7.6

Final Score: 23.48

Jennifer Heigl  | Photo Credit: Facebook// Daily Blender

Jennifer Heigl | Photo Credit: Facebook//Daily Blender


Crunching the Numbers

Round 5 Engagement Score (out of 10): 7.92
Round 5 Social Sentiment Score: 8.83
Average Editorial Score: 

Final Score: 22.58

Carolyn Jung | Photo Credit:

Carolyn Jung | Photo Credit:

Carolyn Jung

San Francisco
Blog: Food Gal
Klout Score: 53
Twitter Followers: 8,009

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Crunching the Numbers

Round 5 Engagement Score (out of 10): 7.29
Round 5 Social Sentiment Score: 7.03
Average Editorial Score: 6.33

Final Score: 20.65

Photo Credit: Twitter// @mattatouille

Photo Credit: Twitter//@mattatouille


Crunching the Numbers

Round 5 Engagement Score (out of 10): 6.01
Round 5 Social Sentiment Score: 7.92
Average Editorial Score: 6

Final Score: 19.93

The numbers were close, the images more delicious than ever, and the content strong, but — as they say — there can only be one winner. And with that being said...

Congratulations to our first official West Coast Champion: Adam Roberts of Amateur Gourmet with a Final Score of 23.48! Stay Tuned for our East Coast Blogger-Off, coming to you soon, to see who Adam will battle it out with for the Top Spot!

Foodable WebTV Network

Foodable WebTV Network