Thinking of Crowdfunding a Restaurant? Consider This.

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Foodable WebTV Network

Kickstarter has become a viable resource for both emerging and existing restaurateurs. Like all things, crowdfunding in the restaurant industry is something to carefully consider. While it has its perks — like the freedom to make choices without having to meet investors half-way — there is an unspoken hesitancy for many. 

Through different mediums, it has become obvious that crowdfunding leaves “a bad taste in your mouth” for some, while others see it as a way to become part of something bigger — a social experience. Perhaps the latter is a more “Millennial thing.”

Regardless, the question remains: How can a renowned industry professional crowdfund a new restaurant without hurting their name or business? And, better yet, how can crowdfunding reshift its image to nix the “giving someone handouts” portrayal that’s deemed by some consumers?

James Beard-nominated chef Jonathon Sawyer and his wife Amelia decided to approach their Kickstarter campaign differently, by rewarding more value to backers with more dollars. Read More

Do you think this crosses the (albeit, blurred) line of crowdfunding ethics?