Taco Bell Execs Will Launch Fast Casual Concept U.S. Taco Co. in California

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Move over, Chipotle: Taco Bell execs recently announced they will be launching a fast casual concept around — you guessed it, tacos. U.S. Taco Co., which will be tested in the California market, will focus on tacos, fries and shakes. But don’t underestimate the fare to be standard. In their well-known approach of “outside the bun” thinking, executives — including Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed and Sr. Brand Manager Jeff Jenkins — have gained inspiration in menu choices from the fusion movement, especially from food trucks.

While there won’t be any Doritos Locos Tacos here, expect to see things like Brotherly Love, a Philly cheesesteak inspired taco. Aside from gourmet taco variations, some locations — depending on zoning ordinances — will offer alcohol, as well. We’re not just talking beer & wine, but also creatively concocted boozy milkshakes, like vanilla ice cream topped with tequila caramel sauce sprinkled with chocolate flakes and infused with Guinness stout.

If Taco Bell’s existing marketing and digital strategies are any indication, this move has been a long time coming. Between the brand’s presence on Snapchat to its run-and-gun, realtime social media strategy, Millennials are a huge driver in the brand. And, as Millennial consumer behavior trends have confirmed time and time again, this generation group is more inclined to spend a bit more on dining if it promises to deliver on experience.

Aside from the culinary aspect, the main difference between Taco Bell and U.S. Taco Co. — aside from its different aesthetic — will be price point. The fast casual segment is known to be a bit pricier than fast food, bringing the average guest check for the new concept to around $12. Read More