Are Indoor Factories the Solution to More Environmentally-Friendly Fish Farming?

Foodable Network

Foodable Network

If you weren’t already aware, most fish farming takes place outside of the U.S. — namely, Norway or Chile, which produces tons of salmon each year; and southeast Asia or Latin America, which banks in on its shrimp and tilapia production.

Because of seafood’s high demand, most of what you see in the supermarket is farmed, not wild, and most of it — as you can see — is imported. But why?

A recent study found that the U.S. was the most prime country in the world for ocean-based aquaculture production. And according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Director of Aquaculture Michael Rubino, we have the room for it. However, environmentalists are opposed to the idea because of waste and the negative effects fish farms have on wild fish nearby.

But one man in particular is taking the steps to fix this, with a technologically advanced method of clean, green fish farming — all from the comfort of his own home laboratory. Read More