Limited Time Offer: Chef Grant Achatz is Bringing Alinea to NYC

Photo Credit: Facebook//Alinea

Photo Credit: Facebook//Alinea

New York City. San Francisco. Chicago.

Each city represents a strong food culture with several offerings for each palate, a slew of chefs that hold the scene together — and a few of them that actually make it past the “trendy” title and are considered as more of a classic.

As for Chicago, there’s no denying that Alinea, a fine dining restaurant under the helm of Chef Grant Achatz, is one of the best. Its No. 9 status in “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” is a clear indicator, as is Alinea’s recurring appearance in our monthly Foodable Top 25 rankings for Chicago.

Luckily for New Yorkers, a plane ticket will no longer be needed — just a reservation. Beginning this October, Alinea will be popping up in NYC for a market test, but will only be in town for a short (though undetermined) amount of time. Read More