#LADrinkSearch Submission Deadline Extended to June 1st

Countless cities around the world boast a signature cocktail. New York City has the Manhattan, London their Pimm's Cup, but what cocktail can L.A. count as its own? Thanks to the California Artisanal Distillers Guild and Greenbar Craft Distillery, they’re out to find the talented bartender that’ll shake up “I Heart L.A.” in a glass with the ‘Search for L.A.’s Signature Cocktail’ contest.

Photo credit: Greenbar Craft Distillery

Photo credit: Greenbar Craft Distillery

 "California is the birthplace of the local food movement and, with the resurgence of craft distilling, we can now begin setting roots for the local drinks movement," says Cris Steller, Executive Director of the California Artisanal Distillers Guild.

 And luckily, there’s still time to enter as the recipe submission deadline has been extended to June 1.

 The winning libation is going to be local cubed. It must be created by an Angeleno resident, the primary spirit must be made in L.A. (since Greenbar is L.A.’s only distillery since prohibition, you’ll have to use one of their spirits, like TRU Organic Vodka, Slow Hand Organic Whiskey or Crusoe Rum), and mixers, fruit and secondary spirits must be made in California. FYI, you’ll have plenty of additional spirits to choose from as Golden State has a whopping 30 artisan spirit makers.

 Here are a few other requirements:

  • Principal spirits must be vodka, gin, rum, whiskey or brandy and comprise more than half of all alcohol in the cocktail
  • Secondary spirits can be any distilled spirit, liqueur or bitters and must comprise less than half of all alcohol in the cocktail
  • Drink must have 5 or fewer ingredients
  • Drink must have a maximum of 2 oz alcohol, including spirits and liqueurs
  • Drink must have at least 1 fresh ingredient other than citrus
  • Must be 21 one or older

 The winner will be announced June 23 at Greenbar Distillery. Think you have what it takes to make City of Angels cocktail history? Submit your recipe with a short bit on why it captures the city’s vibe here: LAsCocktail.com. To follow the contest’s progress, search #LADrinkSearch on Twitter/Instagram.

 Our bets are on a tequila-based cocktail that will take the cake. What do you think it will be?