Will iPad-Based Tech Improve the Drive-Thru Experience at Restaurants?

As Rob Grimes said in our recent On foodable Executive Insights interview, the restaurant industry continues to shift from a hardware mentality to a softer one. Perhaps the heavy adoption of iPads in restaurants — whether it be for menu browsing, reservation, ordering, or payment purposes — has helped guide this shift. Of course, the integration of technology within a restaurant’s operations only makes sense if it helps streamline a process or adds value to the customer experience — especially when it comes to speed of service.

Revel Systems, an iPad POS company, is now introducing the industry to its new iPad system (hardware and software) for drive-throughs. This new approach offers two-way video chat between customer and server, which is advantageous in building relationships through face-to-face communication and offers a more personal approach. The product will also display a customer’s order — an advantage when it comes to minimizing errors — and even an option to pay right there before pulling up to the window.

It will be interesting to see whether brands will deploy this, and how many tech companies will follow suit. In an industry — especially in segments like QSR and fast casual — where speed is at the core of value, will updated drive-thru technology make much of a difference in the experience? Read More