How Wearable Technology — Specifically, Google Glass — is Making an Impression at KFC

There’s been much talk around the restaurant industry regarding Google Glass. The wearable technology is still rather difficult to obtain — Google only recently released Glass to public demand, but for one day only — which makes it that much more difficult to prove its benefits to those in the restaurant biz. In the media, Google Glass hasn’t gotten the best reputation in terms of societal integration. 

However, KFC and Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop have already begun implementing Google Glass as a means of training employees. Thanks to a prototype created by a mobile and wearable tech strategy firm, KFC is using Glass to record training practices in video format, essentially condensing its 80-page manual into one interactive, hands-on video. This obviously has many perks considering time is of the essence, especially in the restaurant industry — and especially in fast casuals and QSRs, where speed of service is a clear selling point. Read More

For a deeper grasp on wearable technology in the restaurant industry, check out this Turn & Burn episode below, featuring "The Most Connected Man on the Planet" Chris Dancy.