As Suspected, Google Enters the Restaurant Space with Appetas Acquisition

Last month, we reported that Google had stepped into the hotel bookings space, wondering if restaurants may be the search engine giant’s next move. And so it goes, Google has just recently announced its acquisition with restaurant website builder Appetas. On Wednesday, the service announced that Google would be buying them out and building them up, with Appetas closing down.

With so many other companies boasting this service, what makes Appetas the chosen one? There are a few key factors here: Appetas integrates services like GrubHub and OpenTable, so restaurants can seamlessly feature reservations and/or delivery or to-go orders. Also, just like Google, Appetas’s aesthetic is clean and refined, while the functionality of it is super easy.

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An Appetas sample site . | Foodable WebTV Network

An Appetas sample site. | Foodable WebTV Network