Girl Power: Why Females Have More Impact on Your Restaurant's Success Than You Thought

Foodable WebTV Network

Foodable WebTV Network

Back in September, Foodable hosted a new conference, the Foodservice Digital Marketing Summit, which was comprised of panel sessions with industry experts from all areas of the restaurant industry. One of the top sessions, in my opinion, was a Digital Generations panel that featured Allen Fazio (VP of Business Technology and Strategic Planning for Theme Parks & Resorts at the Walt Disney Company) and his daughter Ashley, a college student at ASU, as well as Louis Basile (CEO at Wildflower) and his son Zack, another Millennial. During that panel, Ashley and Zack both revealed how they go about finding new restaurants and what impacts their dining decisions.

While Ashley turns to Instagram to choose where she dines, Zack is a loyal Seamless and GrubHub fan when making dining decisions. “Friendly staff reviews are important,” he said. Both Millennials agreed that online reviews hold some weight for them when it comes to restaurant loyalty, and most important, food quality.

Confirming this notion of social behavior, AdWeek recently reported on a study entitled “The Power of Peer Influence” that found that female shoppers value the opinion of their peers way more than ads. 84% of females in the study reported that their most trusted source of advertising is a recommendation from a peer, and food and beverage items came in on top as what they most look for in recommendations when buying.

Why does this matter?

In our upcoming Fast Casual Social 100 Report, data through our Restaurant Social Media Index showed that female Gen Xers alone account for trillions (with a ’t’) when it comes to buying power. This information is super important for restaurant brands because it goes to show that those with the most buying power (Gen Xers) and those with the most influence in terms of volume (Millennials) both trust peers when it comes to deciding on a restaurant. This has tremendous impact when you consider how transparent the dining experience has become and how many resources are out there housing reviews. Read More