New Restaurants in Dallas: Top Industry Picks

The Dallas dining scene is ever changing and always full of surprises, and this year is definitely an exciting one! From modern steakhouses to Latin American fare, here are the industry top picks for new restaurants in Dallas.

1. Knife 

Chef John Tesar has done it again! The James Beard nominee and former Bravo Top Chef contestant  — once crowned as “The Most Hated Chef in Dallas” by D Magazine — brought a new level of seafood to Dallas with Spoon Bar & Kitchen and has now set the “steaks” even higher.

Knife's approach is to be affordable and more of a meat restaurant than a typical steakhouse. Tesar is reinventing the steakhouse experience by bringing a fun and social experience to diners. From classic cuts to modern meats, there is something for everyone on the menu. And for those who aren’t meat lovers, Knife also offers handmade pasta, seafood, and vegetarian options. And don't forget the cocktails! Behind the bar menu is Dallas Cocktail King Michael Martensen. On his menu, you will see all the classics: Melon Ball, Sex on the Beach and Long Island Iced Tea. But you won't find any sour mixes or fake syrups — those have been replaced with fresh ingredients. Plus, you can also order modern cocktails like the Able Apple (gin, apple brandy, garnished with celery) or the OIM (martini with olive oil infused gin, vermouth, chartreuse and sea salt). Knife is located at the Hotel Palomar in Dallas and opened on May 15th. Stop in and come get #knifed! You won't be disappointed and you won't leave hungry.

2. San Salvaje

It's not a name you see every day (pronounced San Sal-VAH-hay) and it's definitely not your typical restaurant. New from Chef Stephan Pyles, San Salvaje means “wild saint” and “celebrates the union of pagan indigenous culture with a host of saints revered in Latin America.”

From the interior to the menu, Stephan Pyles has brought Dallas a casual and high-energy restaurant that combines the cultures of Mexico, Central/South America, the Caribbean and Cuba. As Chef Pyles says, “I wanted to do a restaurant that represents all of Latin America because of my extensive travels.”

Latin culture is all about high energy and passion for life! From salsa, merengue, tango, rumba, cha-cha-cha, mambo, and samba, you can dance the weekend away at San Salvaje to live music in a cultural experience unlike any other in Dallas. 

San Salvaje is located in The Dallas Arts District and opened on May 13th. Come get carried away to an exotic destination right in the heart of the city.

3. Stock & Barrel

Dallas’ Bishop Arts District has welcomed another great foodie spot. Chef Jon Stevens is the man behind Stock & Barrel and has created, what he calls, “my lifelong dream as a chef.” 

The Bishop Arts District is known for chef-driven restaurants and is one of the most exciting dining destinations in Dallas. But for Chef Stevens, it's not about becoming the next big thing — it's about being a Dallas hot spot for years to come. 

What kind of cuisine can you expect? Opened on May 16th, Stevens has developed a refined flair for American dishes with Spanish, French and Italian influences. The “stars” of his restaurant are the wood burning grill and rotisserie. He has handpicked a variety of Texas woods that give his meats, fish, and vegetables a perfect smoky flavor. Some of the slow-roasted options are suckling pig, bone-in-rib roasts, and exotic fowl. 

4. Proof + Pantry

Michael Martensen (Knife) is bringing cocktails and progressive American fare to the Dallas One Arts Plaza. The goal of Proof + Pantry is to provide unity between dining and the arts community.

Known for his craft cocktails, Martensen will be bringing bold flavors, diversity, and quality ingredients to the bar. It's going to be a Dallas destination and one that diners, drinkers, and artists will keep coming back to. What will make it different? P+P will have an “interactive and engaging” atmosphere and will offer dishes and cocktails that compliment the performances in the Arts District. 

Proof + Pantry is not yet open, but it's sure to be a hit and one that Dallas is much anticipating.