Olive Garden Focuses on More Rebranding as Same-Store Sales Continue to Decline

Olive Garden is learning the hard way that it’s not all breadsticks and salad. The Darden concept has been facing a downturn in same-store sales, and continues to decline — 3.4 percent in the past year (ending May 25th), to be exact. As part of its ongoing brand transformation, which clearly has seen more misses than hits, Olive Garden will now focus on takeout, speedier service, and smaller portions in its lunch menu.

The brand has seen several shifts in the past year alone, including a restructured menu (in December 2013, OG rolled out an Italiano Burger, an Italian take on the American classic, in hopes to latch onto the success of the Better Burger segment) and a new logo (though, according to Business Insider, it was a flop). Read More