Some School Lunch Programs are Prompting Plant-Based Diets by Eliminating Meat and Dairy Completely

Chef-driven menus are no longer limited to just fine dining. Fast casual, casual, and fast food concepts, and even cafeterias, have become hubs of ingredient-focused offerings. School programs related to food production and plant-based diets are catching on, and one private school in particular (which just so happens to be linked to director James Cameron), hopes to boast a completely plant-based menu by the end of next year.

Already implementing a seed-to-table program through on-site gardens rooted with peppers, greens, tomatoes, herbs, flowers and other ingredients, the environmentally-focused MUSE School in Malibu Canyon, CA, grows beds of edibles at both of its two locations. This isn't the first school to take a plant-based diet approach.

Why is MUSE planning to eliminate meat and dairy products for its students, and what measures will they need to increase in order to do so? Furthermore, how might this affect other districts? Read More