The Tech-Savvy Attempt to Provide Solutions for Foodservice Challenges at Food+Tech Connect's Hackathon

Food+Tech Connect Founder Danielle Gould  | Credit: Jonathan Zhou/Epoch Times

Food+Tech Connect Founder Danielle Gould | Credit: Jonathan Zhou/Epoch Times

Food + Tech Connect recently held its Hack//Dining hackathon in New York City. For those not familiar with hackathons, they are essentially a gathering of programmers, designers and UX designers to create solutions through technology to solve problems — in this case, for the food industry. The “problems” were laid out by four major brands — Chipotle, Google, Applegate, and Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group —  and included challenges like: how to make QSRs operate in a more environmentally sustainable way using technology (Chipotle) and how to make it easier for restaurants to stay on top of food safety regulations (Batali & Bastianich). 

With about 200 Hack//Dining participants, it’s interesting to see what types of tech solutions were created by people on the other side of the kitchen — those who aren’t necessarily in restaurant trade, but actual users. And what manifested could potentially become part of the future of dining. The tech-savvy group came out with a slew of things, ranging from a potential product measuring real-time nutrition (With so many different sizes and topping options, general nutritional facts become inaccurate. What if there was a device to weigh your Chipotle burrito and give exact nutritional facts, in real time, while it was going down the line?) to an app called Kitchen Check, which the creators described as a “Turbo Tax for passing food safety inspections.” Read More