DigitalCoCo Will Present 2nd Annual RIZMYs at 2014 FSTEC NexGen Conference in New Orleans

The 2nd Annual Restaurant Social Media Index Awards, or RIZMYs for short — a play on the GRAMMYs and Emmys — will partner with the FSTEC NexGen conference again this year, held in New Orleans on September 22nd, 2014. The Awards are the pinnacle of digital and social media performance for restaurant businesses around the globe. 

DigitalCoCo, founder of the RSMI and the RIZMYs, will continue this annual partnership with CSP, the new organizers and owner of FSTEC NexGen, recently operated by Rob Grimes and ConStrata. The partnership gives exclusive access to these industry awards at the conference, which has experienced amazing growth, as it now focuses not only on technology, but marketing topics, as well.

“This is the natural evolution of technology in the restaurant business where data, social, mobile and location begin to intersect with technology, both on front-facing consumer applications and back-of-house technology,” said DigitalCoCo Founder Paul Barron. “We think this is a bold new frontier, and we are excited to be part of this great partnership."

And the RIZMY Categories Are...

This year’s RIZMYs include ten categories, and take a more segmented approach in order to provide winners a more comprehensive comparison to their category competitors. The Awards include:

  • QSR Digital Brand of the Year
  • Fast Casual Digital Brand of the Year
  • Casual Dining Digital Brand of the Year
  • Independent Digital Brand of the Year
  • Overall Mobile Brand
  • Overall Most Loved Brand
  • Overall Most Influential Brand
  • Overall Location-Based Brand
  • Digital Innovator of the Year
  • Digital Executive of the Year

Each of the “Overall” awards are measured based solely on performance in relation to that specific award. Overall Most Loved Brand, for example, is only measured on consumer sentiment. Each of the four category-specific awards — the QSR, Fast Casual, Casual, and Independent Digital Brands of the Year —  are based on social and digital performance measured from a combination of five elements: sentiment, engagement, influence, mobile engagement, and location-based actions. Each of these category-specific awards are compared only to its competitors within the same market. A fast casual restaurant, for example, would not be measured against a casual restaurant or QSR. And finally, for the two analyst awards — Innovator of the Year and Digital Executive of the Year — the RSMI team handpicks the winners based on a performance review of brands and products within the past four quarters.

How Does the RSMI Work?

To determine top performers, the RIZMYs are driven and produced by the RSMI, which gleans more than 150K industry terms across social and digital platforms year-round in relation to more than 10K restaurant entities and 400K restaurant locations. To access the firehose of data across most social platforms, the RSMI partners with dozens of data sources in social media, including sentiment analytics, menu aggregation, and other large data sources.

With more than five years of historical restaurant consumer and brand data, the RSMI is known to be the most comprehensive archive and real-time data resource focused on restaurant and hospitality. The Index records quarterly performance and has been doing so since 2009. It’s on its way to include a real-time dashboard for more than 400K restaurants.

To ensure your restaurant is considered for a RIZMY, submit your restaurant to the RSMI here. This will begin the process of indexing your social behavior and the guests who interface with you. If you aren’t sure if you’re already in the Index, please email us at