Could a Shifting FOH Work Culture, Influenced by Millennials, Breed More Loyal Customers?

As Millennials invade more office spaces, work culture as we know it is changing. The same can be said for the restaurant industry — and not just marketers and behind-the-scenes staff, either.

While food has always been the epicenter of the dining experience, industry leaders are realizing the importance of showing love in the front-of-house. Service has always been an important factor, but exceptional restaurants are going beyond expectation and thinking outside the box. The first step: keep your employees happy, as they are your No. 1 brand ambassadors.

Restaurateur Gabriel Stulman, who owns six restaurants in Manhattan, allows staff (waiters, bartenders and hosts alike) to drink on the job, play their own music, and has limited dress codes. The Wall Street Journal reports that Stulman’s company policy also includes encouraging staff to offer an on-the-house drink or dish every day. 

Will Guidara, owner of Eleven Madison Park and the NoMad, chimed in to this sentiment, saying, “If more people aren’t getting super-excited about pursuing careers in hospitality, elements of the craft are going to die.” Read More