High-end Ice Cream Shops Excel in Denver

Ice Cream Flight at High Point Creamery  | Credit: YELP, Chelsea B.  

Ice Cream Flight at High Point Creamery | Credit: YELP, Chelsea B.  

No kid could resist the call of ice cream, and apparently nether can adults in Denver. There is a population of artisanal ice cream shops popping up all over the city. Instead of picking between vanilla, chocolate or strawberry– you can now enjoy flavors such as peach cobbler, blueberry cheesecake, and even some ice cream infused with Jack Daniels. 

Ice cream servers are more like ice cream artists or scientists. Mint chocolate chip ice cream has become much more elaborate at High Point Creamery. The cream is infused with a pound of fresh mint leaves the night before. Several of these artisanal ice cream shops are also following the trend of locally grown ingredients– including locally sourced fruit, milk and even distilled spirits. Read More