Secret Menu Items Being Revealed Only By Social Posts

Restaurants, specifically in the quick serve segment are featuring off-the-menu secret meals. The way these items are being revealed is via social media. Fast food chains, such as Arby's and Taco Bell, are taking advantage of the social media lovin' generation and the consumer's urge to be in-the-know. 

This is not necessarily a new offer– but social media and the website is being used to bring these items to light. Is this an effective way for fast food to try to compete with fast casual? Most of these secret items are customer made– usually it is a popular menu item, made with a twist and added ingredients. For example, McDonald's Monster Mac is a Big Mac gone super sized with eight beef patties, instead of the usual two. This is how fast serve is borrowing from the fast casual segment, with more customizable menu options. If the item doesn't exist–you can create it, order it, and share it on social media. Read More