Women are Taking Over the Food and Drink Scene

Fortune just released a list of women who are changing how we eat, drink and dine. This list consists of female vineyard owners, brand creators, bakery owners, restaurateurs, chefs, merchandise managers, and directors of nutrition policy.

Judy Chan, the CEO of Grace Vineyard, is one of the ladies being showcased on the list. She created success with the family owned winery in China, even when the market was dominated by state-owned wineries. She is now turned restaurateur and opened a restaurant at the Vineyard in Shanxi.

Another women changing the culinary scene is Nancy Silverton. This LA-based Chef won the Outstanding Chef Award at the James Beard Foundation Awards in May. She has helped make LA one of the country's top food cities. She also founded La Brea Bakery, which is often found in Costco.

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