100 Montaditos– Over a Hundred Ways to Get a Taste of Spain

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Consumers often want to taste various things on the menu, without having to order the whole menu. And this is probably why the term small plates is appearing on menus from large restaurant brands to independent operators. So what if a restaurant gave the consumer the ability to customize their own small plate from over a 100 menu options?

Once Upon A Little Montadito

The fast casual success quickly conquering North America, 100 Montaditos owes some of its success to their sample style menu. Even though most of the menu consists of finger food, you certainly have quite a bit to choose from. The chain offers 100 mini sandwich options known as their montadito, which is a spanish styled, tapa-sized roll stuffed with various quality ingredients. There isn’t just one type of bread– it is a fast casual, after all– they also offer whole grain bread, chapata bread, and for their dessert montaditos, chocolate bread. 

This chain originated in Spain in 2000. Today they have hundreds of locations across Spain and now have started to conquer the US. With a concentrated number of chains in Miami, Florida, they has developed a solid niche in South Florida. However, they have also settled in New York, Maryland, Virginia, and will soon be expanding with a location in Washington, DC.

Millennial Appeal

So besides appealing to consumer with their make your own small plate menu, why is 100 Montaditos attracting new consumers, primarily millennials? Well it probably has to do with its whole dining experience. Consumers don’t go out to eat to just get food, they are looking for something much more. 100 Montaditos provides an attractive dining scene to millennials. The stores are usually located at an actively, street front location. The interior restaurant dining is comfortable and approachable, where you sit yourself at any open table.

Their menu is easy to read with a low price point in the fast casual segment. Even with over a hundred menu items, the menu is not overwhelming and features a numbered list of every montadito. If you are much too indecisive to pick out of the 100, they feature five different collections, which each feature five different montaditos.

Much More Than the Montadito

The menu consists of much more than their signature mini montaditos. They serve popular appetizers, such as fries, olives from spain, alioli potatoes, and bravos potatoes. The small plate theme continues with their meat and cheese plates. As for beverages–they offer alcoholic beverages, such as beer, white or red wine sangria.

This dining experience has resonated with North American millennials due to their customizable menu options and relaxed communal dining atmosphere. They are able to get a taste of Spain without having to travel across the world. As 100 Montaditos says, “one culture, a 100 ways to enjoy it.”