Casual Dining Relies on Variety to Compete in the Marketplace

The restaurant market gets more congested everyday, especially with the increase of fast casual restaurants. Consumers now have better quality meal options, similar to that of a casual dining but for much quicker speed of service. Not to mention–the casual dining segment is already crowded, so the competition within and outside the segment is fierce.

So how are casual dining restaurants keeping up? With menus  that feature more of a vast variety. California Pizza Kitchen is not only serving pizza, anymore. Their menu also offers dishes featuring salmon, halibut, and ribeyes. California Pizza Kitchen is evolving their menu to offer more meals with more protein. Pizza, although delicious and a consumer favorite, is not the epitome of a healthy meal choice. And since consumers have made it clear that they are concerned about what they are eating more than ever, restaurants have been adding a variety of healthier options to keep them as customers. 

You might have noticed at steakhouse chains, that they are serving flat breads. Or Italian casual dining restaurants are offering wings. Casual dining is trying to not be pigeonholed into their primarily menu source. Menus are important in every restaurant segment, but casual dining depends on having a solid menu that encourages the consumer to come back for more. Read More