The Harsh Reality of Restaurant Review Sites

Primarily, restaurants are using technology to improve the consumer's dining experience. However, some ways that consumers are using technology, such as posting on review sites, could be hurting the reputation of the restaurant.

Instead of taking these criticisms into consideration, some French Chefs are blaming the sites, such as TripAdvisor, Cityvox, and Yelp. A petition in France named, "No to Damaging Restaurant Reviews," has been created to attempt to counteract the "unjust" negative reviews. The signers want review sites to moderate comments and to make sure the reviewer was in fact a restaurant diner.

With the abundance of review sites on the internet, more consumers are depending on review sites to make their dining decisions. Will future reviews from consumers be more highly regulated? Or are restaurant owners and chefs going to have to hope that consumers take online reviews with a grain of salt. Read More